Saya Takut GEMOK ! !


hye..the title look interesting right?sometime i look at myself..and i ask myself ''am i FAT?'' ahaha..look crazy when i always ask myself for the same question.. ; -)
for the first,i need some support from others people to make me bcome more confidently.

everyday i tell everybody[my friend,my family,my bf] that i want to jog.but the statement is wrong,BECAUSE everyday i just sleeping on my bed and not going for jog..hahaha they all just laughing at me....funny,until my sis not trust me again.. ;-P   sorry kak nad,hahax.
And today, alhamdulilah i woke up early.and went jog with my mum..finally..jadi jgak aku jogging..hee..
mmg masalah btul kalau nak jog pg2 nie..tp btter jog pg dri jog ptg, when in the evening,their so mnay mat2 lepak..lagi segan nak jog..
and sorry to my frenz,and sis,,bukan niat aku nak pemainkan korg,tp aku mmg mcm tu,pagi malas sgt nak jog,,pdahal aku sendiri yang dah janji..so sorry guys..

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