Unforgettable Incident

Monday 7.February.2011

               A few years ago,i experienced an incident that was very unforgettable.It began one 
morning just s I was getting ready to go to school.I put o my school unifor and my shoes .One 
of my shoes felt a big tight but i did not pay much attention to it.Then i got my schoolbag and 
hopped into my father's car. I sat infront while  my two sisters sat on the seat back.
                After a short a while , I felt something move in my right shoe.Strange, I thought, 
how my toes should wiggle so. I dismissed the thought from my mind. It wiggled again and 
again. I felt the hair on the back of neck rise eerily.My godness,there was something inside 
my shoe!! A dozen images what it could be ran across my mind. I gave yell of fear and 
hurriedly pulled the shoe off and dropped it on the floor board.

                  By then my father had stooped the car to see what matter was.All eyes were on 
that shoe. What was inside it ?? then slowly a very dazed and squashed frog emerged from 
the shoe ! It was alive ! my father deftly picked it up with his fingers and tossed it out the 
window.I breathed a sigh of relief. They all laughed at me .. Nowadays I always check my 
shoes before I wearing them ,. :D

..aku tak hafal lagi pun .. 
so sekarang sebelum tido aku kena hafal oral aku..
Ala,it just a short and simple story

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