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Assalamualaikum readers! 
Now I'm back. Only for today, later I'm not sure. Now I'm having this horrible fever. Kejap demam, kejap tak. I'm in pain. But nobody understand how i feel. This is so sad.. I think, maybe I eat a lot of durians.
Did you know what is  D-U-R-I-A-N 
 Some people said durian is not good to eat. It smelly. More complaining before taste! Huh.
Haiya, itu makanan kampung. Rugilah kalau tak makan durian. 
Even it smelly but it nice to eat. And I think uollss must try to taste it. 
Delicious babe.
After you try sure nak lagi.Percayo cakap den :D
Ouh, before I forget, I want to story with you about Someone.
Nak baca tak ? Nak baca tak?
 Kalau tak nak baca just leave my page. ^_^
Actually saya ada seorang kawan. He's too kind and like to teach me. 
He always teach me how to improve my English. 
Tak sempat nak cakap dekat dia terima kasih,.. sebab sekarang dia macam tak jadi kawan saya lagi.
I don't know how it happen. Tapi bila saya bukak laman sosial saya, saya tengok dia dah tak jadi kawan saya lagi. About one week saya tak chat and tak sembang dengan dia. 
Dude, if you read my entry.I want to ask you something.
Did you really Unfriend me?
Be honest with me,if you did it,okay, I understand.
By the way, hope we still be a friend
And thank you for being my friend even it just for awhile.
#Dude IF YOU READ this entry, please make a correction if I did wrong.
I know my english broken. English saya tak sehebat awak.
Ouh, should I add some idioms to make my entry more better like an essay?
Hihi,okay I'm just kidding  

I'm out of story for now. Kind of sleepy. This fever is killing me.
Sorry everybody. Love you guys, will update later. muahhh :* 

Muchos loves.

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